Super Pancake Match


Today Flowerpot Games released Super Pancake Match on Google Play.

In Super Pancake Match you race against the clock matching as many Pancake and pancake toppings as you can. Match 3 or more Pancake Toppings to get the highest score.

A Different Match 3 Game

Super Pancake Match is a game of strategy, not a mindless tap’fest.

In Super Pancake Match you complete your own matches by dragging the ‘free’ topping to an empty space on the grid. It’s takes careful planning, quick wits, and a nimble finger to get the highest score.

Make multiple consecutive matches to increase the score multiplier and get huge score bonuses!!!

If you can clear the board you’ll get an awesome score bonus. But don’t stop there, KEEP MATCHING until time runs out!

Score Loop Enabled

Super Pancake Match uses ScoreLoop (on android) to provide a leader board. Score Loop is, of course, optional, but give it a try. Log in to ScoreLoop to make sure you get on the Leader Board with all your friends.

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