Pancakes!!! Update

If you follow Ed on Twitter (what? you’re not? Do it now then you’ve probably seen rumors about an update he’s working on for our popular Android game Pancakes!!! Over the next few weeks we’ll be showing some of the things we’re adding to Pancakes. We’re super excited about these changes and we think you, our fans, will be amazed … and hungry!

The first thing that’s changing was requested by one of our fans named Delesha, who writes:

Lots of fun! Need to add Bacon! Needs bacon and sausages!

This is for you Delesha:

But we’re not just adding Bacon and Sausage, there are other tasty toppings too. One of my favorite pancake toppings is Peanut Butter!

What are your favorite Pancake toppings?

Keep an eye on this blog for more exciting changes to Pancakes!!!

is a super sticky and oh-so-sweet game for Android. Download and try it for free on Google Play:






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