Pancakes!!! Update Part 3

Welcome Back!

While Fish was off taking a break instead of coding (he says he was only resting his eyes, but we know better), I managed to get screen shots of the new game play modes being added to our popular Android game Pancakes!!!

In addition to normal orders and All You Can Eat, we’re adding Rush Order and Picky Eater.

Read more about them after the break ….

Still here? Good :)

Rush Order

When a Rush Order comes up, the customer is in a hurry and needs her pancakes fast! You have a fixed amount of time to complete the order before the customer walks out unhappy. And we all know an unhappy customer means no tip!

Picky Eater

When a Picky Eater comes in, even the best waitress shudders. This customer is finicky and demanding, wanting his order made precisely and accurately. If you add anything extra when making the order, they’ll leave in a huff without paying.

Missed the other posts and want to know what else is scheduled for the Pancakes!!! Reboot?

is a super sticky and oh-so-sweet game for Android. Download and try it for free on Google Play:






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