Pancakes!!! Update Part 2

We’ve already talked about the new toppings being added to our popular Android game Pancakes!!! in a previous post (you can check out the new toppings here) … but while Fish is busy coding, I thought I’d give you all a sneak peek at another change we have in the works for the Pancakes!!! Reboot.

Pancakes!!! Level selection screen

One of the comments we received from people that had played Pancakes!!!, was that they wanted a way to go back and replay an order to try to beat their score. We thought that was a good idea. :)

New orders are still locked until you complete the current one, but now you’ll be able to select and replay any order you’ve already played. And you’ll earn stars for each order based on your score, up to 3 for a max score.

Oh, one other thing … if you haven’t already seen it, check out the mini interview we did for Droid Review Central … Flowerpot Games Interview at Droid Review Central

is a super sticky and oh-so-sweet game for Android. Download and try it for free on Google Play:





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