Not Dead Yet!

I know things have been quiet and you haven’t heard much from any of us in quite awhile, but we’re not dead yet! :)

Even with the major changes in our lives and the general upheaval that has been the norm for the past year or so, we haven’t given up.

In fact, work is continuing (ok, as usual Ed has been doing most of the work) and we have two new games for iOS and Android that will be released very soon.

Here’s a quick run down :

  • Flappy Jack is a clone of the popular game Flappy Bird, but using the artwork from Pancakes. It has been submitted to Apple and will be released on the App Store March 20, 2014.
  • Hide the Sheep is being updated with an Easter Surprise. Look for it on the Apple App Store on April 3, 2014 , just in time for Bunnies and Eggs. :) Find it now : Hide the Sheep on Google Play – Hide The Sheep on Amazon – Hide the Sheep on iOS
  • Super Cake Brothers is in the final stages of development and is super close to release. It needs soundfx, music, a little work on IAP, and balancing. This game was suppose to be a reskin of Pancakes but it ended up being a 70% rewrite of the code and became a completely different game. :p Yup.
  • Pancakes!!! is also being readied for release on the Apple App Store, but it’s still several months out. Find it now : Pancakes!!! on Google Play – Pancakes!!! on Amazon
  • Mobile Montessori, originally released for Android devices, is in the early stages of porting from Java to C++ so it can be released on the Apple App Store. Find it now : Mobile Montessori on Google PlayMobile Montessori on Amazon
  • Super Pancake Match … We’re not sure about this one, but it’s available on Google Play :) . Find it now : Super Pancake Match on Google Play

These are all fun to design and work on, but they’re only a stepping stone for the projects we really want to work on, Shadows of Nightside and Canyon of Desolation. SoN and CoD are still on hold. We just don’t have the manpower or funds to realistically work on these at this time.

Well, That’s all for now.

Stick around, there will be more … like I said, We’re Not Dead Yet! :)

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