New Pancakes!!! Released

It’s been a few months since Pancakes!!! was released on Google Play and we’ve seen the downloads shoot past 50,000 with an amazing response from our fans. Out of 584 reviews, you gave Pancakes!!! 4.6 out of 5 stars! We knew people would like the game, but that totally exceeded our expectations.

Still, we knew we needed to make Pancakes!!! even better. So we did.

Pancakes!!! 2.0

‘The New’ Pancakes!!!

Pancakes!!! Reboot

Over the past month we’ve been planning and coding a Pancakes!!! update. This update is technically a 2.0 update but around the office (consisting of the local Caribou Coffee Shop or wherever my laptop happens to get wifi) we’ve been affectionately calling it the “Pancakes!!! Reboot” instead of “Pancakes!!! 2.0″ because – well – ‘2.0’ is so 2005.

We briefly toyed with the idea of calling it “The New Pancakes!!!” but decided against it because the phrasing might confuse people. You see, once Pancakes!!! 3.0 comes out, then 2.0 will no longer be ‘The New’ version and then what do we call 3.0? “The New *New* Pancakes!!!“??? I don’t think so! So ‘Reboot’ just stuck even though it doesn’t really make sense.

What’s New?

New game play features, increase replay value, and more free stuff! An ending too?

New Game Play Features

We added two new types of orders, Rush Order and Picky Eater.

The Rush Order customer is in a hurry and needs her pancakes fast! You have a fixed amount of time to complete the order before the customer walks out unhappy. And we all know an unhappy customer means no tip!

When a Picky Eater comes in, even the best waiter shudders. This customer is finicky and demanding, wanting his order made precisely and accurately. If you add anything extra when making the order, they’ll leave without paying.

Higher Replay Value

Replay value is important to keep you coming back to the game.  We made this game for you and we want you to enjoy playing it over and over again. So we added features we think you’ll like.



Earn Stars – You can now earn up to 3 stars on each order. The higher your score the more stars you get. There is a theoretical max achievable score for each order. It takes planning and thought to get the max. You have to use bonuses wisely. It’s harder than you think!

Replay Any Order – You can now replay previous orders to try beating your own high score, and earn more stars too.

New Bonus – You can now achieve a Full House bonus by catching a Two Of A Kind followed by a Three Of A Kind.

Menus – A new order selection menu makes it super easy to select the order you want to play again.

More Free Stuff

The free version of Pancakes!!! now comes with 150 orders, 10+ unlockable toppings, and 50 challenge rounds for free. The original free version of Pancakes!!! had only 10 orders, 2 unlockable toppings, and 2 All You Can challenge rounds for free. You can upgrade to 400 orders and 30+ unlockable toppings by visiting the in-game store. More about that below.

The Ending

Complete all 400 orders to see the ending. People tell me it’s hilarious, Epic! Someone even said that Ferris Bueller would be proud, but I’m not sure what that means … hmm. :/

Visit The Store

If you like Pancakes!!! you can always get more orders, up to 400 with 30+ unlockable toppings, by visiting the in-game store. You’ll also help support an indie game developer who makes games for you, not for some huge greedy corporation.


Anything Else?

Yes. When you update to this version of Pancakes!!! you’ll notice that you are stating over at order #1. Why did this happen? It’s simple. In the previous version of Pancakes!!! we simply recorded the cumulative score. From now on though, the score for each order is recorded and saved in android memory.

Also, and unfortunately, we were compeled to remove OpenFeint from the game. We heard so many complaints that OpenFeint wasn’t connecting to the server that we decided to remove it until OpenFeint starts working better or we find another LeaderBoard/Achievements service that performs better. Flowerpot Games sets high standard for customer experience and service, OpenFeint wasn’t meeting those standards.

Lastly, we’re sure you’re going to like this update. In fact, we’re positive you’ll think Pancakes!!! Are Perfect™ just like we do. So enjoy the game, buy it if you like it, and if you have any problems or suggestions please drop us an email. We read all of them.


is a super sticky and oh-so-sweet game for Android. Download and try it for free on Google Play:






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