Mobile Montessori 2.2 Update


Mobile Montessori has been updated to fix a problem that prevented some customers from downloading the version 2.1 update.

For a lengthy technical explanation you can read Ed’s technical explanation on his Google+ post. In short, Ed added a filter to Google Play that he thought was checking for a specific phone/tablet compatibility, but instead it looked for a specific chip (Graphic Processing Unit – GPU) on the phone/tablet. So if your phone/tablet didn’t have that specific GPU then Google Play prevented you from downloading or updating Mobile Montessori.

If you were affected by this problem then please try to update now and let us know if you have any problems.

Thank you for your patience while we tracked down this problem.


Mobile Montessori is a fun suite of Montessori style activities for children. Available for your Android Phone and Tablet.

Mobile Montessori includes 4 Free activities:

  • Pink Tower
  • Brown Stairs
  • Shape Matching
  • Color Matching


You can also purchase 4 premium activities separately:

  • Number Matching
  • Number Counting
  • Red Rods
  • Sound Boxes


Give it a try and just have fun.

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