Flower Battles ~ The Avatar Update is Here!

That’s right .. it’s here!

You can now change the look of your flower!

I’ll give a quick run down on how to do it in a minute .. but first I want to remind you that we had to reset all flowers back to starting values and we wiped all existing bots. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to finish processing Dorje’s latest quest to get it in this update … sorry. ((But I may be able to sneak it in before the next update :) ))

Now on to the avatars (below the break) ….

Step 1

You should see a new link just below your flower’s picture. Go ahead .. click it!

Step 2

An overlay screen should pop up that looks similar to this.

It shows a side by side of your currently saved avatar and one you’re working on. On the right side are three drop down boxes that let you change the parts of the avatar.

Step 3

Once you have your flower looking the way you want, click the button to save it.

Step 4

After you save your changes, the overlay changes to show the changes to your saved avatar.

If all is as you like, click the button to close and go back.

Step 5

Actually, there is no step 5. It just reloads the main page and updates your flower’s picture. :)

And that’s it!

Test things out and let us know if you have any suggestions to make it (and the game) better.

Have you battled a flower today? … www.FlowerBattles.com

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