Flower Battles ~ Stop the Rot

No, I haven’t forgotten about you all.

In fact, sometime over the next couple of days I’ll be slipping in an update to Flower Battles.

Oh, you want to know what’s gonna be in the update … ok then, read on. :)

Stop the Rot

As promised, you’ll be able to go on Dorje’s new quest Stop the Rot!

One day while strolling through the Garden, you become aware that something is not right. Many of your friends have become sick and withered, instead of bright and vibrant. It does not take you long to realize that your flower garden has become infected. Can you figure out what’s causing this and find a cure?

You’ll have a chance to unlock this quest by successfully completing the Adventure What’s Going on Here?

Adventures & Quests

Speaking of trigger adventures, I’ve gotten a few requests to show which adventures have a chance to unlock quests. I still haven’t figured out if I want to have that information in game, or the best way to show it.

But it couldn’t hurt to list them here … so here you go. :)

Adventure … unlocks Quest:
An Innocent Dustup … Invasion
Emergency Diversion … Sticks and Stones
First Day at School … Schoolyard Bully
Flower Garden Madness … King of the Garden
What’s Going on Here? … Stop the Rot

Other Changes

We adjusted some of the requirements for various Award Levels. Most notably for the ones dealing with Adventures and Jobs.

We fixed an error where new bots were getting sprouts outside their tier.

Also, when doing Jobs, you’ll now need to “gain work experience” before being offered longer duration jobs

That’s about it. :)
As always, your feedback and suggestions are welcome.
See you in the Garden! … www.FlowerBattles.com

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