Convergence – Action Arcade Prototype Game


Convergence is an Action Arcade game (prototype) from Flowerpot Games.

Protect your heart from the evil heart eating bugs and you’ll be reward with sweet power ups!

This fast-paced arcade game will take you through 10 levels of pure-retro heart-pounding joy ( at least for me it does )

Screen Shot

We Can Kick Your Butt (Dare Us)

If you like Convergence and want to see it developed into a completely tricked-out kick-your-butt make-you-collapse-into-a-whimpering-pile-of-goo Action Arcade game then tell us in the comments below.

Download PC/MAC/Linux

JAVA 1.6 required (JAVA 1.7 crashes in flames)

Download Convergence (12MB)

Play with a Gamepad for maximum lethality!

  • Left Joystick to aim
  • Right Trigger to shoot
  • XBox 360 controller recommended


Play with the Keyboard (Hardcore Gamers Only)

  • Left Arrow to move counter-clockwise
  • Right Arrow to move clockwise
  • Space Bar to fire


Play HTML5

Requires the latest Firefox or Chrome browser.
Chrome on MAC has terrible audio lag.
Internet Explorer and Safari are not supported.

Play Convergence

Play with the Keyboard (Hardcore Gamers Only)

  • Left Arrow to move counter-clockwise.
  • Right Arrow to move clockwise.
  • Space Bar to fire.


Have Fun

Have fun playing and tell your friends about Convergence.



  1. libGDX
  2. Music from
  3. SoundFX made with
  4. #OneGameAMonth


Thanks for supporting indie developers, like Flowerpot Games!



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