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Flowerpot Games is proud to be a part of the Because We May games promotion.

We believe that developers should have the freedom to price their games how they like, without interference from the online stores that sell the games. Why? Because it allows us to promote our games more freely! We rely on the ability to promote our games for our livelihood and control over pricing is an important tool for this purpose.

For the last week of May (May 24 through June 1) all of our games will be discounted to $0.99 in celebration of online stores that give us control over pricing.

May 24 through June 1

Pancakes!!! and Mobile Montessori will be on sale for $0.99.

Pancakes!!! is our #1 Android game that puts you to work stacking pancakes and toppings to order. Don’t let the simplicity of the game fool you, it takes skill and thought to achieve three stars. Get all 400 orders of Pancakes!!! for only $0.99! Download the game, tap the Store button, and tap Pancake Platter. Pancakes Are Perfect!!!


Mobile Montessori is our #1 selling suite of eight Montessori style and Fun activities for children. Get the full suite for only $0.99. Download the game and tap the “App Bundle”  icon.




Thanks for supporting indie developers, like Flowerpot Games!


is a super sticky and oh-so-sweet game for Android. Download and try it for free on Google Play:


Mobile Montessori is an educational and fun app for children. Reinforce color recognition, shape recognition, number matching, and number quantity association in the children you love.







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