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Flowerpot Games is an independent Game Studio based in New York. With lots of coffee, cookies, and a whole lot a “love”, we make games that are fun to play.

Who is Flowerpot Games?

Flowerpot Games has a core team of 5 talented people, all with a desire to make fun games.

Citrine – Citrine is an RPG veteran who has explored the depths of many games and game systems including (in no particular order) D&D, EQ, Fallout, Munchkin, Settlers of Catan, Illuminati, Shadowrun, and many more too numerous to mention. Citrine lists Sid Meier and Steve Jackson as strong influences. Citrine also crafted and managed numerous play-by-mail and play-by-email RPGs. Citrine brings a wealth of keen insight into what exactly makes an RPG work, fun to play, and especially how to balance them. In addition to managing the FPG websites and being a continuous source of game ideas, Citrine is also coding the browser RPG, Flower Battles – Where Crudely drawn flowers battle for your enjoyment. Citrine is a managing partner of Flowerpot Games.

Stefan ‘Llarlen’ Walter – Stefan is a masterful coder skilled in C, C++, Python, Java, PHP, and many other languages. Not only does he bring programming skills he is a dynamic source of unique game ideas. An engineer at heart he has the technical skills to understand and code advanced systems that have never been coded before. Stefan is a managing partner of Flowerpot Games.

Shoshanna – With her southern charm and exceptionally quick wit, Shoshanna knows how to grow a vibrant and engaging community around a game. Shoshana is The Voice of Flowerpot Games.

John ‘Dorje’ Hoffman – John is a creative writer. His broad imagination is a fountain of quest and quest item ideas. To date he has written volumes of quests and quest items for Shadows of Nightside and Flower Battles. John is the Light of Flowerpot Games.

Ed Bartley – Ed is a software engineer for Flowerpot Games. He got his start on a TRS80 Color Computer II with BASIC and ASM. He taught himself C and C++ in the early 90’s. He worked with the Prairie Games team, helping to make Minions of Mirth a more awesome MMORPG. He likes Mexican food, R/C Helicopters, and Almond Rocha.

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How to Reach Us

Flowerpot Games
P.O. Box 969
Yonkers, New York 10703-0969
United States
(213) 537-4766

In IRC: irc://irc.newnet.net #fpg

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